Speedy - A Fighting Dog

Hi, my name's Tawny and my precious 12 year old dog is Lexy. I started lexydog.com in hopes of generating some extra income in order to pay for a surgery to remove a tumor from Lexy's bladder.

The horrifying truth I found when I was scrambling for money to help my poor fur baby was that their is no help out their for vet bills! Of course you can take out a high interest Care Credit card, but if you don't have the money these vets won't even touch your pet!

Now that Lexy is healthy, each week I select a dog parent in need of financial help for vet bills and I donated 20% of all sales to this family.


This week (December 3rd - December 9th, 217) 20% of all sales are going to help precious Speedy. 


Read below for Speedy's story, helping Speedy's family is extremely easy! Shop lexydog.com and purchase something your pet will love and 20% of that purchase price will go straight to Speedy's family! It's that easy for you to help!


Here is Speedy's story:

Reba, a lover of dogs, has reached out to lexydog.com after trying almost everything to help her son's precious dog Speedy. She tried to do a yard sale, and even a go fund me account and neither one was a success, didn't raise anything...

Speedy was outside in a kennel when Reba's son, Matthew, went and checked on him. Speedy was laying down jerking all over and couldn't get up on his own...

Reba called the vet and they couldn't see him until 2 pm that day and they didn't know if their precious baby would live until then or not but by some miracle he did and was rushed to vet.

The vet thought he had gotten into antifreeze and wanted to put him down, it cost all the money they had over $70 the vet didn't want to give them the dog back!

Matthew's father wasn't leaving without the dog, it was a big mess but they finally left home with Speedy...

Home again, Reba went to check on him thinking again the worse because she wasn't expecting him to still be holding on... She took him some warm milk and chicken, and he was starving, she knew then he wasn't wanting to give up... Two hours later Matthew's sister in law checked on speedy, she looked at his gums and they were white so she knew he was anemic and luckily she had the care credit card, so to another vet, he went and they actually kept him overnight...

He was treated for parasites, fleas, and anemic was kept three days and the vet bill was over $500 they sent him home on Friday night before the weekend and wanted him back in on Monday for x-ray, and to plan on doing a blood transfusion...

He didn't go back on Monday, Reba was giving him his meds and feeding him chicken livers, to help give him iron for his blood... two hours after being home he was up moving around halfway walking, halfway crawling, but that told Reba he was going to be fine... Long story short he made it, but now the family is stuck with high vet bill and  Matthew lives on fixed income


Help Reba and her family by spoiling your pet this week. lexydog.com has some high-quality products that both you and your pet will love and your purchase will mean the world to this loving family!


If you or somebody you know need financial help and would like to be considered for the Pet of the Week promotion, fill out our application here: Pet of the Week Application