About Us

Hi, my name's Tawny and my four-legged best friend is Lexy! Lexy is 12 years old and as you can imagine, we have run into some expensive vet trips in the last couple years :( 

I started lexydog.com in hopes to create some extra income to help Lexy and pay for everything she needed to get strong and healthy again... Today, Lexy is doing great! So, I decided from here on out, every week I will select a pet parent in need of financial help and I will give them 20% of all sales for the week! It's too hard to find financial assistance for our fur babies so I want to help out!

Please check out our Pet of the Week page to learn about the current sponsored pet.

Or if you need help, fill out an application here: Application 

If you have any questions about any products or just want to say "hi", hit the green "Contact Us" button and I will get back to you ASAP!

Thank you for all the support, Lexy wouldn't be where she is today without our AMAZING customers!


Tawny and Lexy