Pet Of The Week

Hi! My name's Kuma 


Here is Kuma's story:


I am a 10-year-old rescue dog. As you can see, I've had a ruff life thus far and have been left with only one eye, luckily for me, I now have an amazing 2 legged Mommy who loves me so much!

We just found out I have a cancerous tumor, but the vet says we can remove it to stop the spread of cancer!

The only problem is, the vet won't help me out unless my Mom can come up with the money up front :(

My mom has been working extra and picking up shifts in order to collect money but needs a little extra help as time is of the essence here...


Kuma's family would do anything for him, but needs some financial help to get the surgery he needs!


Helping Kuma's family is extremely easy! Shop and purchase something your pet will love and 20% of that purchase price will go straight to Kuma's family! It's that easy for you to help!


If you or somebody you know need financial help and would like to be considered for the Pet of the Week promotion, fill out our application here: Pet of the Week Application